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13 Ways to Fix QuickBooks Outlook is Not Responding Error

Sometimes, when sending emails from QuickBooks to Outlook, users get an error mentioning Outlook is not responding.

However, when they close Outlook and send the email directly, QuickBooks sends it successfully. 

The users might see error messages like:

“Outlook is not responding”
“Error: QuickBooks is unable to send your email to Outlook.”

If this is similar to what you experienced while sending emails through QuickBooks, continue reading. We will discuss different ways you can resolve QuickBooks Outlook is not responding error in this article.

1. Update Windows and Microsoft Outlook

 update windows and microsoft outlook

The reason why you see the QuickBooks Outlook is not responding error could be because of a compatibility issue between Outlook and QuickBooks.

To ensure that this is not the case, update your Microsoft Windows and Outlook.

Here is how you can update Microsoft Windows:

  • Open the Start menu and choose Settings.
  • Click on Update & Security.
  • Now, tap on Windows Update.
  • Choose Check for updates.

Download and install all the available updates, and once you are done, restart your computer.

Here is how you can update Outlook:

  • Open Outlook and click on File.
  • Choose Office Account and select Update Options.
  • Finally, click on Update Now.

 Once done, restart your Microsoft Outlook.

2. Update Your QuickBooks Desktop

To prevent any compatibility issues and install the latest software components, QuickBooks Desktop must be updated.

download or install the quickbooks updates

Here is how you can update QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks automatically downloads the updates available, and once it is downloaded, it shows as  Update available on the status bar which is in the top right corner of the window. 

All you need to do is install the update. Let us guide you to install the update manually:

  • Click on Update available and choose Install now. This will install the update.

Now, allow QuickBooks some time to install the update.

  • Once done, restart the QuickBooks Desktop.

Now, attempt to send the email again and check if QuickBooks Outlook is not responding to the issue.

3. Check the Admin Privileges

Let us check and ensure QuickBooks isn’t set to run as administrator automatically. 

  • Close QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Launch the Start menu.
  • Enter QuickBooks in the search and right-click the QuickBooks icon.
  • Click Open file location.
  • Right-click the QuickBooks.exe file. Choose Properties.
  • Tap on the Compatibility tab.
  • Now, unmark the checkbox for the Run this program as Administrator option. 
  • Click on Apply and choose OK.

Once you are done, send a test email to check if the error has been resolved. If QuickBooks says Outlook is not responding, move to the next solution.

4. Check the Email Preferences

Let us check email preferences and make sure they are set correctly.

  • Open QuickBooks, and click on Edit.
  • Choose Preferences
  • Choose Send Forms and click on My Preferences.
  • Choose Outlook as the email option and click on OK.

Now, send an email from QuickBooks and check if Outlook is not responding. If you run into an issue, try toggling the preferences. Here’s how:

  • Click on the Edit menu. Choose Preferences.
  • Tap on Send Forms. Select the My Preferences tab.
  • Click on QuickBooks E-mail or Webmail, followed by OK. You have turned the preferences off.
  • Now, we will repeat the steps to turn the preferences on. Click on the My Preferences tab
  • Choose Outlook followed by OK.

Now, close all the programs open on the computer, including QuickBooks, and restart the PC.

Finally, launch QuickBooks Desktop and check whether you see QuickBooks Outlook is not responding error while sending an email.

5. Check Internet Settings

QuickBooks uses the default Internet Settings to run various services. Therefore, let us check the email preferences from there:

  • Open the Start menu. Type Internet Options in the search box.
  • Select Internet Options and tap on the Programs tab.
  • Choose Set Programs.
  • Click on Set your default programs
  • Now, choose the email service you use and click on Apply.
  • Tap on OK and close Internet Options.

Open QuickBooks Desktop and check if you can send a test email. If you find Outlook not responding, try the next solution.

6. Repair MAPI32.dll

Repairing MAP32.dll might be a bit difficult for you to perform. Therefore, if you are not confident about it, you can reach out to an IT Expert. 

Let us first run a test to isolate the issue. 

  • Restart the computer.
  • Now open MS Word. Select to create a new document.
  • Choose the File menu and select Send.
  • Click on Email as a PDF attachment

If you are not able to send the email, the problem is with Microsoft Office. Reach out to Microsoft support to fix that.

However, if you can send the email through MS Word but not through QuickBooks, let us repair the MAPI32.dll 

  • Close any programs open on the computer.
  • Press the Windows key. This will launch the Start menu
  • Press the Windows + E keys together to launch the File Explorer
  • On the bar where you see the file path, enter C:\Windows\System32.
13 Ways to Fix QuickBooks Outlook is Not Responding Error
  • Locate the Fixmapi.exe file. Double-click on it to start the repair. 
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and complete the repair.

Now, open QuickBooks Desktop and send an email. Check if you meet the Outlook is not responding error.

7. Run Both QB and MS Outlook as Admin

If Outlook still doesn’t respond, you can launch both MS Outlook and QuickBooks Desktop as an administrator.

First, go to the Start menu and right-click Outlook. Choose Run as administrator.

Now, open QuickBooks Desktop as administrator. Here’s how:

  • Close all the open windows of QB Desktop.
  • Open the Start menu and search for QuickBooks. 
  • Right-click on the QuickBooks icon and select Open file location.
  • Right-click on the QuickBooks.exe file.
run both QB and MS outlook as admin
  • Choose Properties and choose the Compatibility tab.
  • Click on Run this program as Administrator.
  • Choose to Apply, followed by OK.

Now, try sending the emails from QuickBooks and check if you face an issue doing so.

8. Check if Your QuickBooks Version is Compatible with Outlook

If QuickBooks Outlook is not responding error keeps arising, it might be because your QuickBooks Desktop is incompatible with Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer.

Therefore, check the system requirements for your QuickBooks Desktop version. If you find that your QB Desktop is not compatible with the version of Microsoft Office you use, you can either upgrade QuickBooks Desktop or install an earlier version of Microsoft Office.

9. Repair QuickBooks Desktop

To make sure that the QuickBooks Outlook is not responding error doesn’t stem from a damaged program, let us repair QuickBooks Desktop.

To do so, first download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub on your system. Once done, open QuickBooks Tool Hub.

  1. Run Quick Fix My Program
  • Go to the Program Problems tab.
  • Click on Quick Fix My Program.

Now, move to step b.

  1. Run QuickBooks Program Diagnostic Tool
  • In the Program Problems tab, select QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Allow the tool to run for a while.
  • Once the repair is completed, restart QuickBooks Desktop.

Now, log in to your company file and check if Outlook is not responding. The error has been resolved.

 10. Repair QuickBooks Desktop from the Control Panel

If the last solution didn’t work, we can try repairing QuickBooks from the control panel.

Before you proceed, create a backup of your company file.

  • Now, restart the computer.
  • Open the Start menu and choose Control Panel.
  • Click on Programs and Features.
  • Choose QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Now click on Change. Select Repair and continue with the instructions.
  • Select Finish.

 11. Roll Back to the Earlier Version of Outlook

If you realize that you started getting the error after updating QuickBooks Desktop, you can roll back to the earlier version.

13 Ways to Fix QuickBooks Outlook is Not Responding Error

  • Close all Office applications.
  • Choose Start and enter cmd in the Search box.
  • Right-click Command Prompt (or cmd.exe) and choose Run as administrator.
  • You will see the Command Prompt window. Enter the following command and tap enter:
  • Now, enter the following command as well and press enter.
  • When the process completes, open Outlook.
  • Tap on File and choose Office Account.
  • Click on Update Options followed by Disable Updates.

Now, restart the computer and open QuickBooks Desktop. Check if you can send emails through QuickBooks.

 12. An Alternative – Set Up Webmail to QuickBooks Desktop

set up webmail to quickbooks desktop

If you find yourself unable to send QuickBooks emails through Outlook, you can try an alternative. It is setting up the webmail to QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and click on the Edit menu
  • Choose Preferences.
  • Tap on Send Forms and select Web Mail.
  • Choose Add.
  • Click on the drop-down menu and provide the email address.
  • Select the Use Enhanced Security checkbox followed by OK.
  • Now, log into your QuickBooks Intuit account.

13. Clean Install QuickBooks Desktop

However, if nothing resolves QuickBooks Outlook is not responding error, the only resort is to reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop application and start fresh.

However, after uninstalling QuickBooks Desktop, delete all the residual files except company files and backups. Now, install QuickBooks Desktop again.

Wrapping It Up

This was all on how to resolve QuickBooks Outlook not responding if you face an issue while carrying out the steps or have a query connected to a QB ProAdvisor.

If you find that even after carrying out the above solutions, you are unable to send an email through QuickBooks, we recommend you connect with a QB ProAdvisor. They will resolve the issue for you so that you can resume sending emails right away Dial +1(800) 780-3064 and speak to QuickBooks Consulting Services now!

1. Why are the causes of QuickBooks Outlook is not responding to errors?

Let us look at multiple reasons why Outlook is not responding:
You might be using an outdated QuickBooks or Microsoft Outlook
QuickBooks and Outlook might be incompatible with each other
The QuickBooks Desktop program or the company file might be damaged. 
You might not be able to send emails due to incorrect Internet settings or email preferences.
The MAPI32.dll might be damaged.

2. How does my QuickBooks say Outlook is not responding?

The Outlook is not responding error can arise due to reasons such as incompatibility between QuickBooks and Outlook or due to a damaged program. Follow the instructions given in this guide to resolve the issue.

3. What should you do if QuickBooks is not responding?

If QuickBooks Desktop stops responding, crashes or stops working, repair the QuickBooks program. You may also check the company file for data damage. Moreover, check that your QuickBooks Desktop is not outdated and your system meets the minimum requirements. 

4. Why can’t I email from QuickBooks anymore?

You might not be able to email through QuickBooks if the webmail or Outlook is not correctly configured or there is an issue with the email preferences. Other reasons can be incorrect internet settings, the Windows firewall, or antivirus blocking communication. 

5. Why is my business Outlook email not working?

If you find yourself unable to receive or send email, you can check your account and update the password. Moreover, check if your account has been temporarily blocked because of some unusual activity. Unblock your account with the help of Microsoft support if that is the case.

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