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Encountering QuickBooks Error Code 80070057? Fix It Now

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Get to Know More About Error Code 80070057 in QB Desktop

how to fix quickbooks error code 80070057
  • Trying to open company files using an invalid procedure. 
  • Running an older version of QB Desktop on your computer. 
  • Lack of sufficient permissions for QuickBooks Desktop to operate on your system.
  • Insufficient permissions to access and modify the company file folder.
  • Defective company file data stored on your host system. 
  • Restrictions imposed by BitDefender antivirus software on your system.

Let’s jump to the following section to read all the verified tactics that can resolve the 80070057 error in QuickBooks

update quickbooks desktop to the latest release

1. Use the Correct Process to Access the Company File

use the correct process to access the company file
  • Access QB Desktop on your workstation and choose the File menu.
  • Select the Open or Restore Company tab, after which you must tap the Open a Company File option.
  • After that, click Next and browse the location of the company file saved on your host computer.
  • Select the company file (with the ‘.qbw’ file extension) and click Open.
  • If prompted, you may need to type your username and password. After that, the company file will open successfully. 

At this point, if you cannot access the company file, you need to use the following solution.

2. Run QB Desktop in Admin Mode 

how to run quickbooks as administrator
  • Identify and right-click the QuickBooks icon on the desktop screen. 
  • Choose the Run as administrator option, and if prompted, type the required access credentials.
  • Now, follow the steps discussed in the previous solution to successfully access your company file.

3. Move the Company File to a New Folder

company file to a new folder
  • Right-click the desktop screen on your host computer to choose the New tab.
  • After that, click Folder and type a name, such as ‘NewCompFolder’ for the newly created folder. 
  • Now, hit Enter to save the name of the new folder on the desktop screen.
  • Next, open the company file folder and right-click the company file icon.
  • Choose Copy and move to the desktop screen.
  • Access the ‘NewCompFolder’ and right-click inside the folder to choose Paste.
  • After that, the copied company file will be moved to the ‘NewCompFolder’.
  • Right-click the ‘NewCompFolder’ icon to choose Properties.
  • After that, access the Sharing tab and select the Share Add option.
  • Now, choose the QBDataServiceUserXX icon for your version.
  • Allow Full Control access permissions for all users, after which you must click Share.
  • Finally, you can open the company file saved in ‘NewCompFolder’ from every workstation connected to your network.

4. Run QuickBooks File Doctor On the Host Computer

run the file doctor tool using the tool hub
  • Open the browser window on the host computer and download the newest version of QuickBooks Tool Hub from the official Intuit website. 
download qb tool hub
  • Run the downloaded file (QuickBooksToolHub.exe) and follow all the installation steps that appear on the screen.
  • After that, finish the QB Tool Hub installation and double-click its icon located on the desktop screen.
  • Go to the Company File Issues menu on the QB Tool Hub window to choose the Run QuickBooks File Doctor icon.
  • After that, select the company file using the Browse and Search option.
  • Next, mark the Check your file box and click Continue. 
  • Type the admin password and tap Next to begin the repair process for your company file.
  • Once the company file is scanned and repaired, you can open it from any workstation.

You can go to the next troubleshooting method if you cannot access the company file even now.

5. Allot a Fresh Name to the Network Data File 

  • Open the company file folder on your host computer and identify the Network Data file. A sample name of the Network Data file will be CompFileName.qbw.nd
rename nd and tlg file
  • After that, right-click the icon of the Network Data file to choose Rename.
  • Next, allot a new name to the file as per the following example: CompFileName.qbw.nd.old
  • Tap Enter to save the newly attached name of the Network Data file. 
  • Now, download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub according to the steps detailed in the previous solution. After that, open QB Tool Hub to select Network Issues.
  • You must select the QuickBooks Database Server Manager icon, and after that, you should click Browse.
install quickbooks database server manager
  • Now, select the company file folder, after which you can click the Start Scan button.
  • The company file folder will be scanned and repaired, allowing you to open company files from various workstations.

6. Provide Exemption to QuickBooks in BitDefender Settings

BitDefender settings
  • Open the BitDefender application window to select Protection on the menu bar.
  • Next, go to the Antivirus section to click Open.
  • After that, tap the Settings tab in the Antivirus section and hit Manage Exceptions.
  • Now, you must click the Add an Exception button after which you need to enter the QB Desktop folder path.
  • At this step, turn on the switch button provided against the Antivirus button and tap Save to successfully add the QB Desktop folder as a new exception. 
  • Finally, you can open all company files saved on the host computer from various workstations.

Winding Up

1. Why do I experience QB error message 80070057 when opening company files?

You can encounter QB error message 80070057 if the company file folder is damaged. Additionally, you can experience this error if you are using an older QB version or if you are running an imprecise process to access the company files.

2. What are the symptoms related to the QuickBooks 80070057 error code?

The most prominent symptom is that your QB Desktop window might freeze, and it can also crash unexpectedly. Furthermore, the system will function at a slow speed due to the QuickBooks 80070057 error code. 

3. How can I resolve the 80070057 QB company file error code?

You need to upgrade your QB Desktop version and adopt the correct procedure to access the company files. Furthermore, you can run QuickBooks File Doctor to repair your company files.

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