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Verify and Rebuild Company Data in QuickBooks Desktop – Guide

a. First, Verify the Company Data

verify the company data in quickbooks
  • Open the Window menu in QuickBooks and choose Close All.
  • Select File followed by Utilities.
  • Tap on Verify Data.
  • What does QuickBooks say?
    • If you see the message, “QuickBooks detected no problems with your data”, there is no issue with the company file and you don’t need to rebuild it.
    • If you see an error message, search on the internet for how to fix it.
    • If you see the message, “Your data has lost integrity”, there is damage in your file. Follow the next steps given to rebuild the company file.

b. Rebuild Company File

verify and rebuild data in QuickBooks Desktop
  • Open the File menu and go to Utilities.
  • When QuickBooks asks you to create a backup, follow the instructions to create a backup of the company file. 
  • Choose OK. You must create a backup before you can rebuild the company.
create a backup file choose ok
  • Select the location and the file name with which you want to save the backup. Make sure not to rewrite an existing backup in that folder.
save the backup file in quickbooks desktop
  • After saving the company file backup, QuickBooks will rebuild the company file.
  • You will get a message stating, “Rebuild has completed”. At that time, select OK.

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c. Verify Company File for Additional Damage

  • Select File and then go to Utilities.
  • Tap on Verify Data.
  • What does QuickBooks say?

Let an Expert Repair the Company File

What does rebuilding the company file do?

When you rebuild the company file, it resolves the data damage and issues in the company file. You should rebuild company data when you find a QuickBooks company file error of 6000 errors or find an issue with the reports, etc. 

Is it safe to rebuild data in QuickBooks?

It is totally safe to rebuild the company data in QuickBooks Desktop. However, make sure to save a company backup to safeguard your data for unfortunate events.

How do I know if my QuickBooks file is corrupted?

QuickBooks will start to behave unexpectedly and might show errors or not be able to complete certain operations if the company file is corrupted. However, that doesn’t directly imply that the company file is damaged. If you find a 6000 series error, the data file is most probably.

How to run verify data in QuickBooks?

Here is how to run the verify data utility in QB Desktop
a.Select File followed by Utilities.
b. Tap on Verify Data.
c. QuickBooks will verify the data and determine the issues.

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