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3 Ways To Fix Error: QuickBooks Payment Can’t Be Scheduled

why my QuickBooks payment can't be scheduled

1. Try an Incognito or Private Window

used incognito or private window

Here are the shortcuts to open the incognito or private window, depending on the browser you use.

2. Use a Supported Browser

used supported browser

3. Wait for a Few Hours

Summing It Up

In this guide, we saw why QuickBooks payments can’t be scheduled and how to address that. However, if you find that the problem persists, an expert is the right person to reach out to. Consult with our A2AutoCare’s experts who will help you schedule the payments in no time!

1. How do I schedule a payment in QuickBooks?

You can easily schedule several payments at once in QuickBooks Online. Here’s how:
a. First, log in to the QBO company.
b. Navigate to Expenses > Bills
c. You can create a new bill or go to your existing unpaid bills in the unpaid tab. 
d. Mark the checkboxes for the bills you want to pay.
e. Finally, tap on Schedule Payments.

2. Why is payment declined with QuickBooks?

Let us list a few reasons why your QuickBooks payment might be declined:
a. Credit card authorization was declined
b. Invalid account number
c. Credit card expired, over-limit, or past due.

3. How do I turn off scheduled payments in QuickBooks Online?

Here is how you can turn off the scheduled payments in QBO.
a. Tap on the Gear (settings) icon.
b. Choose Recurring transactions.
c. Locate the payment template you want to use.
d. Tap on the drop-down menu in the Action column.
e. Choose Delete followed by Yes. This will confirm it.

4. How do I turn on payment options in QuickBooks?

It is effortless to turn on payment options in QuickBooks Online.
a. Go to Sales, followed by Invoices.
b. Locate the invoices you wish to update. Choose Edit.
c. Now, click on Manage and choose Payment options.
d. Enable the payment options you wish to use and disable those you don’t need anymore.
e. Finally, click on Save or Save and close.

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