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QuickBooks Delivery Server Down? Resolve It Quickly

Why Do You Experience Delivery Server Down in QuickBooks?  

  • Incorrect format of company and customer-facing email addresses. 
  • Invalid email address format of the location mentioned on the sales form.
  • Special characters in the invoice filename.  
  • Incorrect sales forms email settings.
  • Zipped invoice files with a size greater than 25 MB.
  • Incorrect PDF settings in your web browser application.

 QB Online Delivery Server Down: 3 Instant Workarounds 

1. Download and Send the Invoice PDF File Using Email

download and send the invoice pdf file using email
  • Access your QBO account and choose the Invoices tab from the Sales menu.
  • After that, click the Pencil icon shown under the Action column.
  • Choose the Print or Preview tab and tap the Print Preview option.
  • Next, click the Download button to download the invoice PDF file.
  • Finally, log in to your email, attach the PDF file, and send the email to your client.

2. Send Invoices Using Your SMS App

send invoices using your sms app
  • Access your invoice file and click the Save or Share Link menu.
  • Tap the Copy Link button and paste the invoice link into the SMS app, after which you can send it to your client.

3. Use WhatsApp to Share Invoices With Your Clients

  • Access the QuickBooks Online app on your smartphone and click the Activity menu.
  • Open the relevant invoice and choose the Preview & Send option.
  • After that, choose the WhatsApp button and click the WhatsApp App option shown on the Share window.
  • Choose the customer name in WhatsApp, type the message, and tap the green arrow to share the invoice. 

1. Verify Your Company and Customer Email Address 

verify your company and customer email address
  • Access the Settings menu located in the QB Online window and choose the Account and Settings tab.
  • After that, choose the Company icon and select the Contact info option.
  • Next, you should verify the Company email and Customer-facing email. The standard format is as follows:
Email Address Format          Relevant Example 
  •  Once you have verified the company email and customer-facing email addresses, you can send your invoices successfully. 

2. Verify the Email Address Format of the Location On the Sales Form 

  • Open your QBO account and choose the Settings menu.
  • After that, choose the Locations option listed under the All Lists tab.
  • Now, find the location that you used on your invoice, after which you must select the Action column.
  • Use the dropdown menu to choose the Edit option.
  • At this point, verify the email address shown in the following field: “This location has a different email address for communicating with customers.
  • You can change the email address if needed. After that, click the Save button and send the invoices to your clients.

3. Verify the Invoice Format 

  • Access the Sales menu and click the Invoices icon.
  • Next, open the relevant invoice and make sure that no special characters are present in the following fields: 
  1. Description
  2. Custom Form Templates
  3. Message
  4. Attachment Name
  5. Email Address
  • You can modify the relevant fields if you find any special characters. After that, save the edited invoice and send it to your client.

4. Modify the Attachment Settings When Emailing Sales Forms

You should use the following steps to ensure that attachment settings are valid when sending sales forms:

  • Move to the Settings menu in your QBO account and click the Account and Settings tab.
  • Next, choose the Sales option, after which you must select the Online Delivery icon.
  • After that, mark or clear the PDF Attached box and click the Save button.
  • Finally, you can successfully send the sales form through email.

If you continue to experience the delivery server down in QBO, consider the solution explained below. 

5.  Verify the Invoice File Type, Size, and Name 

You can use the following points to ensure that the invoice file type, size, and name are according to the prescribed format: 

  • Ensure that the invoice file that you want to send is not zipped. If your invoice file has specific extensions (.zip, .rar, .7z, .tgz), it indicates that it has been compressed. 
  • The invoice file size must not exceed 25 MB.
  • You should ensure that the invoice filename doesn’t have any special characters. If you find any special character in the filename, right-click the invoice file icon and choose the Rename option. After that, erase all the special characters and tap the Enter key.
  • Once the invoice file type, size, and name are set, you can send it using your email. 

Are you still failing to send invoices to your clients? You can implement the solution mentioned below. 

6. Verify Your Adobe Acrobat Reader Settings 

verify your adobe acrobat reader settings 

The Adobe Acrobat Reader application must have specific settings on your system so that you can send invoice PDFs through email. You must save the standard settings as per the following table: 

  Relevant Menu       Correct Option
         Size      Actual Size
        Orientation      Automatic
Choose paper source by      PDF page size      On 

If you aren’t able to share invoices even after verifying the Adobe Acrobat settings, you can jump to the following solution.

7. Modify Your Web Browser PDF Settings 

The web browser on your system must have valid PDF settings so that you can send your invoices using email in QB Online. You can set the correct PDF settings in your relevant web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) to ensure the seamless transfer of invoices to your clients.

If you are unsuccessful in emailing your invoices, you can switch to the next solution. 

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8. Use Your Browser in Incognito Mode and Erase Cache Data

The buildup of cache data in your browser can cause technical issues when using your QBO account to send invoices. By operating the browser in incognito mode using the following shortcut keys, you can seamlessly email your invoices: 

      Web Browser        Shortcut Keys 
    Google Chrome      Ctrl + Shift + N 
    Mozilla  Firefox    Ctrl + Shift + P
      Safari      Control + Option + P 

In addition, you can erase cache data in your browser to send invoices through email to your clients effortlessly.

Final Words 

In this comprehensive article, we have covered everything essential to resolve the QuickBooks delivery server down issue. Hopefully, you were successful in resolving this error. However, if the glitch persists, or if you need more information and guidance, connect with our A2AutoCare’s experts and get personalized QB Consulting Services.

1. Why do I experience the delivery server down error in QB Online?

You can encounter the delivery server down error in QB Online if you haven’t set a valid company and customer email address. Moreover, an imprecise invoice format and invalid Adobe Reader settings can provoke this issue.

2. Can I download my invoice PDFs and send them through email?

Yes, you can download your invoice PDFs from your QB Online account after which you can attach them to your email. Thereafter, you can send the attached invoice PDFs to your clients.

3. How can I fix the delivery server down problem in QBO?

You can verify your invoice format and sales form attachments to fix this problem. Furthermore, you can use your browser in incognito mode when sending invoices through QB Online.

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