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A Quick Guide to Setup Email in Sage 50

We will guide you on how to setup email in Sage 50 in simple steps. Follow the instructions given in the order and contact us if you need assistance.

1. Setup Email Client

You need to begin by choosing the email service provider or client and then setting it up.

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Choose Email Defaults.
  • Now, tap on Email Clients.

Here, you should use an email service provider such as Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo Mail. If you use webmail, you must provide details like the provider, sender details, etc. However, if you use Microsoft Office, you don’t need to provide such details.

setup outlook as default mail client

2. Apply Email Settings

After setting the email defaults, let us go to the Invoice tab and apply the email settings.

We will show you how to input details in various fields.

Here, you can choose the email address this layout will use.

  • Customer Record Email 1 is for the Email1 address in the supplier or customer record
  • Customer Record Email 2 is for the Email2 address in the supplier or customer record
  • Customer Record Email 3 is for the Email3 address in the supplier or customer record
  • Addresses & Contacts’ Preference Email is for the email address in the supplier or customer record in Addresses & Contacts, Preferences

This field is not available in Sage 50 Accounts Essentials

  • Manually Entered Address is to manually enter an email address.

Here, you can choose which email address will be copied to this field in this layout.

Here, you can choose what to copy to layout for the subject field of the email.

  • Invoice 25 from (company name): It will show the company name, statement, invoice, order, or remittance number.
  • Invoice 25 from (company name) – (date): It will show the company name, date, statement, invoice, order, or remittance number.
  • [None] – No subject: Choose this if you want to manually enter a subject every time. 

Selecting this checkbox will show the layout in the body of the email rather than an attachment. 

You can choose PDF, HTML, Excel, or Text to send the layout as an attachment.

You will need to choose the filename if you want to send the layout as attachment.

If you are attaching a PDF file, you can add a password to protect the document.

To do so, choose Yes – From the Customer / Supplier Record. 

However, if you don’t want to password-protect the PDF attachment, choose No.

Not available in Sage 50 Accounts Essentials

(h). Sending Options (Microsoft Outlook only)

Tap on Send Immediately.

3. Save the Changes

After configuring the email settings, you can choose which layout you want to apply these settings to.

Followed by this, you will need to save these changes.

Here is how you can do the same:

  • Tap on Apply.
  • Check the boxes for the layouts you wish to apply these settings to.
  • Choose OK.
save the changes to setup email in sage 50

Now, you will be able to email the documents in Sage 50.

Setup Email in Sage 50 Using Webmail

  • To begin with, open the Sage 50 application.
  • Find the maintain button on the top of the screen and click on it.
  • Now, hover the mouse over the Email setup.
  • Choose use a webmail account followed by Add Account information.
  • Now, select the email service provider you use, such as Google, Outlook, Yahoo, or Other.
  • Finally, provide all information required to connect the email with Sage 50.
  • Finally, choose OK.
  • Email Address, 
  • SMTP server, and 
  • SMTP Port.

How to Setup Email in  Sage 50 (Canada)

  • Go to the Allow a new application to access the account window.
  • Now, log in to a suitable Gmail account if prompted
  • Click on Continue.
  • Sage 50 will let you send an email within minutes.
  • Next, check the email service that was previously blocked.
  • If you don’t face an issue, continue.
  • Allow Gmail to remember the device, email client, or service and access the address in the future
  • Now, choose Security
  • Choosing Turn on will take you to the SMTP connection. 
  • Click on Setup, followed by the Settings tab.
  • In the end, Choose Company, followed by Email.
  • Select Webmail.

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